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Sinus issues affect a significant portion of the population and provoke discomfort, pain, and pressure. When sinuses become blocked, they prevent the natural draining and ventilation of the sinus cavities resulting in a feeling of stuffiness, heavy-headedness, irritability, and migraines. Sinus blockage is caused by a variety of issues, some of which include infection, inflammation, deformities, and facial trauma. To open up blocked sinuses, Dr. Friedman may choose to use Balloon Sinuplasty, an innovative and non-invasive procedure.

What methods are used:

Balloon Sinuplasty is a technique in which the surgeon uses balloons to dilate the sinus ostia. This procedure relies on a disposable catheter that has a thin guidewire at its tip. Guided by X-ray images or by a lighted fiber optic tip, the catheter is threaded up to the opening of the blocked or poorly draining sinus and the guidewire is passed through the opening of the sinus. The narrow width of the guidewire enables it to pass into sinuses that are partially or fully closed due to tissue swelling. Once the guidewire is in place, a balloon is passed over the wire and gently inflated to compress the tissue that is blocking the sinus opening. The balloon is then deflated and the catheter is removed.

Follow-up treatments or next steps:

Many patients can resume normal activities immediately. Your doctor may recommend you refrain from very strenuous activities (such as heavy lifting) for a week after the treatment. You will then be scheduled for intermediate follow-up appointments to check on your progress.

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