Our Caring and Dedicated Staff

Friedman ENT Staff

Julia Ebbers

Julia Ebbers is the Office Manager at Friedman Plastics and ENT. She has been with the practice for just under two years but has become very passionate about the industry, practice and patients. While not born and raised in Arizona, she has been a resident of Arizona for over 8 years now. Julia has always loved the medical field but spent time deciding which area would be best suited for her. The unique ability to be a part of the staff with both the Cosmetic portion as well as ENT was a draw for her. She is also CNA, allergy tech, hearing specialist and surgical circulatory for the practice. Julia cannot wait to expand her knowledge and growth alongside Dr. Friedman’s practice.

Nela Bonilla

Nela Bonilla has been the Operations Clinical Manager at Friedman’s Plastics and ENT since April 2015.  She graduated with an Associates degree as a Surgical Technologist from The Bryman School.  She has lived and worked in Arizona for 18 years now. Some past jobs included working as a caregiver for older and disabled patients and as a certified phlebotomist at a plasma donating center in Scottsdale. Nela has also worked with a surgical center in Scottsdale for 13 years where she learned prepare and assist in an operating room. Now as a part of the Friedman Plastics and ENT team as the Operating Room Manager, she gets to be more involved with patient care from start to finish. Nela plans to continue her education to further assist Dr. Friedman and the Payson community.

Heather Ann Cruz-Miranda

Heather Cruz-Miranda has worked with Dr. Friedman since May 2017 and is currently located at Dr. Friedman’s office in Payson, Arizona. She is CNA Certified by Gila Community College in Payson AZ, as of Dec 2015. At the office, Heather registers and charts patients, assists in skin closures, gives allergy shots, and assists with Canalith Repositioning and Balloon Procedures – plus so much more! Through working with Dr. Friedman, she has gained learning experience, and Heather plans to be with Dr. Friedman’s practice as it continues to expand.